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That was some good ball slappin. XD

This has probably been the most educational game I have ever played...Or most educational thing I have experienced in general. XD Overall it gave me some deep insight on how to deal with the ever grueling challenges of mornings and I have no doubt it will serve as a fine guide to better humanity. X3

Seriously though, I loved playing through the ridiculous scenarios and seeing all the endings. Somehow it reminded me of the first time I played Silent Hill...It's like if you mixed Silent Hill with Fable but took out all the supernatural and fantasy elements and then made it... Well... Sad. :'D

XyroDonatus responds:

Human guides thanks you for your kind words. We are glad to see that you reached maximum education from one of our products. :)

(In all seriousness, thank you so much necro :D glad you enjoyed it!

Let's hope, years down the line, this is the final bit of information left over from history, and the world beleives this is how mornings should be. ;P )

This is awesome!! I especially enjoyed feeding demon blood to the montser...Thingy in the box. X3

XyroDonatus responds:

Thanks for playing Necro :D glad ya enjoyed it ^^

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Dear god... words are not enough to describe these voices. XD I mean, it was a pretty good idea for a skit and all, but holy shit that voice work! There were a few moments where it sounded as if you were in pain, man! :'D

In all sincerity though, this wasn't half bad. Even though your Mickey and Goofy weren't perfect, they still sounded pretty descent, a lot better than I could ever do anyway. X3
I think the fact that Goofy and Mickey came out a little on the odd side added a lot to it though as it would have been a bit boring if it was a spot on performance.
Great work once again and thanks for making me laugh, Xyro. :3

P.S. I would absolutely love to see footage of Mickey getting his brains blown out.

XyroDonatus responds:

XD Thanks man

I'm definitely not built to do those voices, lol. But it was just a fun thing that I wanted to do to just learn how to edit and whatnot. was more fun than anything else, but still glad that ya liked it :D

Hopefully, the next time will be something a little more professional..... maybe..... *shrug* ;P

Oh yes, now this one I liked. More talk of intestines and itchy bottoms please. XD
I found the character and concept thoroughly amusing and that cut off ending was gold.
Great work with this one, Xyro, can't wait to see how this progresses! ^^

XyroDonatus responds:

Thank you so much Necro!

I'm honestly super pumped about this whole thing. There will definitely be major changes for when I actually do some of the official thingies for the series (Such as character changes, some world building, backstories and, hopefully, other cast members rather than having to make it just by myself using different voices XD)

Still, more on that to come, once I get some planning finished ;P

Well, it's not Little Richard getting acupunctured, but it still made me laugh for a good three minutes. X3

XyroDonatus responds:

XD thank ya kindly Necro, I'm glad you enjoyed it :3

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Heyo!! :)

OdySeed responds:


"Stop it! I'm not that small!"

Lookin epic

ToyElf responds:

Thank you!

Self-taught freelance digital artist dwelling in the realm of fantasy and horror.
Specializes in dramatic, intense lighting and atmosphere with a compelling painterly aesthetic.
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